Collection: Look at the Stars

March 2023

Celestial objects, bodies and phenomena that can be seen with the naked eye look more dramatic and detailed when captured in long-exposure photographs. The Galactic Centre, the arc of the Milky Way, the Magellanic clouds, the zodiacal light, planets and thousands of stars make up this series that reveals what lies above the beauty and solitude of the South American skies as spied from the Uruguayan interior, at night.

Look at the Stars is an initiative of Fefo to explore, document and disseminate the best natural (and publicly accessible) places in Uruguay for the—almost forgotten—practice of stargazing. And, an effort to raise awareness of the need to keep these sites free of light pollution.

A photographic project that has been a kind reminder that the most beautiful things in life are often revealed in moments of darkness, and sometimes in solitude. When we look at the stars, the sense of awe and humility that embraces us is a treasure that stays with us forever.

Mirá las estrellas por Fefo Bouvier

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