Fefo Bouvier

Hi, I'm Fefo 👋

I'm an astronomy enthusiast turned NASA-recognised landscape astrophotographer and Sony Alpha Friend. I live in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

My intention is to inspire as many people as possible to contemplate and fall in love with the night sky. I'm convinced that spending a night under the stars can be an incredibly therapeutic experience, and that understanding what we observe in the sky can encourage us to keep the natural night, free of light pollution.

I strive to produce content that is inspirational, but also educational so that my viewers gain something from giving me their valuable screen time.

I bring the stars into your homes through my print shop.

I offer exclusive astronomy and astrophotography resources, such as private mentorship, capture and post-processing courses and more, to my community on Patreon.

And I write the monthly digest El cielo del mes (which I send out free to my mailing list—for now just in Spanish, sorry) so that other astronomy enthusiasts and photographers can prepare for the events that will grace the skies in the coming weeks.

My story

Illustrated by artificial intelligence, because there are no photos, only memories...

My interest in the sky has been present since childhood. Like any child, I marvelled at the solar system and the stars. But my family environment led me to pay more attention to astronomy, as stories of the sky were recurrent at home.

My maternal grandfather was an optician and that led him to buy and collect telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars. He eventually became an amateur astronomer.

He died very young and while I never got to meet him in person, he somehow managed to bond with me through my mother's stories of how he would take her and my aunt up to the roof to watch a meteor shower, or how they spent days watching Halley's comet through the telescope back in 1986.

When I was eighteen, walking through the historic quarter of my beloved Colonia del Sacramento, on one of those little cobbled streets, I came across a man with an impressive telescope pointed at the sky. I approached him and he showed me Saturn.

It was at that moment, seeing it surrounded by its rings with impressive clarity, that I physically felt—with the most intense shivers I have ever felt—how my passion for astronomy was born.

That summer night in 2009 I didn't go back home, but straight to my grandmother's. I asked her if those instruments were still there, she said yes and told me where to look for. So I went up to the attic and started to open dusty boxes—yes, like in the movies—and to discover those telescopes and spotting scopes. Suddenly I felt a deep connection with my grandfather and his passion that was now coming alive again through me.

I took a couple of pieces of equipment home and... that's when it all started.

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