Frequently asked questions


What does ‘Limited edition’ mean?

‘Limited edition’ means that only a limited number of prints of an artwork will be produced. In this case, it refers to the limited number of prints that will be made of each photo in the collection in A1, A2 and A3 sizes.

Each size will have a specific limited quantity, which means that only 5 prints will be printed in A1 size, 5 prints in A2 size and 10 prints in A3 size. Once all these prints have been sold, I will not print any more prints of the same photo in these sizes.

This means that each photo sold in these sizes will be unique, signed and numbered, and there will be no other copies available on the market. Therefore, if you like any of these photos, it is important that you buy a copy in the limited edition before they sell out.

Is it possible to buy from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Thanks to my partnership with theprintspace, a company based in the UK, I can now send my photos all over the world.

If you like one, no matter where you are in the world, you can buy it and have it delivered to your home with carbon neutral shipping. I am happy to say that I’ve already sent copies of my photos to different countries outside Uruguay, such as Spain, Canada and the United States.

I bought just the print and now I'm in doubt how to frame it, what do you suggest?

A3, A2 and A1 sizes are standard, so there are many pre-made framing options on the market for these sizes. But if you prefer not to manipulate the photo to avoid damage, I suggest you look for a local framer. As for the frame colours, I recommend that you choose black or white, as these are timeless options that allow the photo to stand out without distraction.

Regarding the glass, glassless is an option if you plan to have it hung in a place away from splashes. Archival quality paper should last a lifetime if not exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity. Of course, glass offers extra protection, but in my opinion, sacrificing a little of its lifespan to be able to see it without the reflections generated by glass is worth it.