Sony en Uruguay: cámaras y lentes al precio de EE.UU.

Sony in Uruguay: Cameras and Lenses at US Prices (Or Lower)

Shop at Sony Uruguay with a 5% discount using the coupon FEFOSONY

If you are a photographer or videographer in Uruguay and you are about to buy Sony cameras, lenses or accessories abroad, stop. It may be the same—or cheaper—to buy directly in Uruguay.

A few days ago I announced my alliance with Sony as an Alpha Friend in Uruguay and the news that in the (recently launched) Sony Uruguay online shop,, cameras, lenses and accessories are practically the same price as in the big US shops like B&H or Amazon.

That's great news, because it means you no longer need to look for alternatives, often risky, to import products at a reasonable price. Or ask a friend or relative who travels to the United States to bring your equipment. With all the risks and hassles that this implies.

Plus, the peace of mind of an additional year's extended warranty and access to official Sony service in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Sony Uruguay's 'Closer to USA' campaign came to solve this eternal problem that we photographers and users of the brand have had in this small Latin American country.

Sony Uruguay Prices vs. USA (example)

Suppose you would like to buy a Sony Alpha a7s III camera to upgrade your astrophotography equipment.

If you buy from B&H (United States)

We will use the B&H shop as an example because it is the number one photography shop in the United States.

To bring this product from the US there are three possible scenarios, one legal but very expensive and two not so legal (which is how people usually do it):

  1. Importing legally with a customs broker: the cost of importing is about 60% of the cost of the product.
  2. Ask someone travelling to the US to bring the product in their luggage, at the risk of having problems coordinating delivery or being held by customs upon arrival in Uruguay (and having to pay scenario 1 taxes to release it).
  3. Relying on a courier that offers—on the sly, because it is not legal—an import service at a reduced price, generally charging by weight.

For this example, we discard scenario 1 because it is too expensive for you and scenario 2 because you don't know anyone who travels to the US.

So let's assume you are left with scenario 3 as an alternative. The courier will charge you around 50 USD per kilo to bring the product from the US. They will ask you to buy the product with a delivery address in their US offices, usually in Miami, FL.

The image below is a screenshot of what the Sony Alpha a7s III costs on B&H shipping to Miami (zip code 33054).

Screenshot (edited) of the B&H checkout page

According to the product page on B&H, the weight of the package is 1.5 kilos, so shipping* to Uruguay will cost you 150 dollars.

Total price $3.892,86 USD.

*You will have to sign a document releasing the courier from all economic responsibility in case of loss of the product, because, as I said, it is an illegal transfer of merchandise.

If you buy from the official Sony Uruguay shop

To buy this product at you just need a credit or debit card and a MercadoPago account.

The following image is a screenshot of the price of the Sony Alpha a7s III on the official Sony Uruguay shop, applying the coupon FEFOSONY to get an additional 5% discount.

Screenshot (edited) of the Sony Center Uruguay checkout page

Buying from the official Sony Uruguay shop with the 'Closer to USA' campaign, and the additional 5% discount for applying the FEFOSONY coupon, the total price is even lower than in the United States. Plus, shipping within Montevideo is free.

Total price $3,609.05 USD.


  • Buying Sony in Uruguay is more convenient than buying Sony in the United States.
  • Not only do you save $283.81 USD (approximately $11,000 UYU), but you get the product immediately and the peace of mind of an additional year's extended warranty and access to technical service.

If you use the FEFOSONY discount coupon, I invite you to share your experience in the comments below or, even better, in an Instagram story.


As a Sony Alpha Friend, Fefo Bouvier receives a small commission for each product sale in the Sony Uruguay shop every time someone buys with the discount coupon FEFOSONY. However, the purpose of this article is to inform, promote local commerce and defend our readers' money.

The screenshots reflecting the prices of both shops were taken simultaneously, on 21 December 2023, and were edited for simplicity and design purposes.

Sony Uruguay is not responsible for and is not the author of this content. Fefo Bouvier's content, including this article, is produced completely independently.

Cover photo: Henry Söderlund, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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